A New Crafty Venture…

I’ll class today, the 20 January 2014 as day one!

Yesterday ‘The Craftettes’ Facebook page was launched and within 24 hours the page had 26 ‘Likes’ and the group had already attracted interest from ladies offering a wealth of crafty talent and keen to show us what they were capable of. An exciting 24 hours for Michelle and I, the co-founders of

The Craftettes UK.

We had carried out our research and decided that there really wasn’t anything in our home town of Bolton to satisfy our crafting needs. We were looking for an efficiently run, friendly, charismatic, social crafting group to make us want to leave our homes in these winter evenings and socialise. Too easy is it to remain lazy on our leather couches in front of the television, obsessively pinning crafty ventures from Pinterest and never actually “doing” any of them!

I personally was looking for a reason to actually get crafty-active and make new things, learn new craft techniques and network. So much lovely quality craftmanship going on around me I was in awe of the artistic beauty being created from the knitting needle, paint, candles and silversmiths.

Apart from anything – crafting, art and photography relaxes me…. which is all good, right? (oh apart from not fully understanding my new sewing machine yet and sewing through a finger nail after a glass of wine — but that’s besides the point)

So, after some rather large coffees and overly priced cake at a well known coffee shop chain in Bolton, Michelle and I came up with a loose business plan and pondered the name of our new craft group. Many names contemplated sounded more like a local ladies darts team… but finally we agreed upon ‘The Craftettes’

And a craft venture was born !

We hope you’ll join us for the ride and giggles?

Time to write our program of events.

Jennie x


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